Why be overrun with anxiety while making crucial financial planning and investment management decisions? VIMA has over 76 years experience as financial advisors, leading our clients closer to reaching the goal of a better financial future. As of March 2015, VIMA currently helps over 250 clients obtain their financial goals, and has $60 million under management in client assets. We also have a CPA, CFP and portfolio manager on staff for all client needs.

About VIMA

VIMA’s main goal has always been to work together with our clients, making sure they understand what we do to invest their assets in order to meet their goals. We pay special attention to every clients own unique needs. This is accomplished through efficient personalized services.

Our limits are not defined by any affiliations to investment banking, nor by the use of proprietary investment products. Portfolios are structured from a massive selection of investments with no incentives to use any individual investment. Clients are provided a wide variety of sophisticated tools and resources available for use in today’s financial markets.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), VIMA has a strict legal fiduciary duty to serve in the client’s best interests and disclose any and all conflicts of interest. The Investment Advisor Act of 1940 states that RIAs are required to meet both of these responsibilities. If a RIA does not meet both requirements, it will face a breach of fiduciary responsibilities lawsuit in a court of law. VIMA’s unique fee structure aligns both our incentives and the client’s. As our client’s assets appreciate or depreciate, we benefit or suffer proportionally.

VIMA does not sell products and does not receive any referral fees, loads or commissions. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that we are working for them. VIMA does not act as a custodian or take possession of assets, but instead utilizes the services of Bank of New York Mellon/Pershing to provide this functionality for our clients and generate client statements and trade confirmations.

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