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Our Services

VIMA is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). While the financial world continues to become increasingly complex, VIMA is dedicated to providing clear, yet all-encompassing, financial management solutions to help our clients navigate the complex financial world and reach their goals.

After personalized data gathering meetings, VIMA can present you with an array of financial planning and portfolio solutions tailored to your specific financial needs. Our commitment to competitive fee-structures differentiates us from our competitors.

VIMA’s fully integrated approach for financial planning presents our clients with the most dedicated VIMA professionals. This will assist clients to succeed in changing economic conditions.

 Our Value Proposition

  1. Calls are returned within a day and there is a deadline for email responses
  2. There is remarkably insightful conversations from Michael every 4-8 weeks.
  3. Proactive service calls come from our client associate.
  4. Notes are taken on client conversations and introduced to the team so whomever answers the phone is instantly aware.
  5. There are team meetings to discuss potential challenges that clients might have and resolved within 48 hours
  6. Timely research and market updates are created for clients.
  7. Advisor promotes in-person meetings once a year, beyond if requested.