Why be overrun while making crucial wealth management decisions? VIMA has over 100 years of combined experience with our financial advisors, leading our clients closer to reaching the goal of a better financial future. We have a CPA, CFP, Attorney, and portfolio manager on staff for all client needs.

About VIMA

VIMA’s main goal is to work together with our clients, making sure they understand our wealth management process in order to achieve their lifestyle goals. We pay special attention to clients unique needs. This is accomplished through efficient personalized services.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree a long time ago”
Warren Buffett

Our decisions are not defined by an affiliation to Wall Street or by selling proprietary products. Portfolios are structured from a selection of fee friendly no-load investments. Clients are provided a wide variety of sophisticated assets to navigate today’s global financial markets.

VIMA does not sell products and does not receive any referral fees, loads or commissions so clients can have peace of mind knowing that we are working for them. Pershing, the 75 year old subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon is the custodian for VIMA client’s investments. They are the largest custodian for independent advisors, holding about $1.5 trillion of client assets. Another custodian VIMA utilizes for our client assets is Scottrade. Scottrade has $1.7 billion in client assets making it one of the largest custodians for independent advisors.